Finding the Light

When: TBD 2023
Where: Valencia, Spain (and possibly other cities in the future)
Number Participants: 6
Cost: 25€
Language: At this time, this workshop is only in English
Please contact me to be notified when this workshop is scheduled.

In this workshop, we will explore an area of the city with our model (or models) and look for great portrait lighting. This workshop was originally presented in Nashville, TN, and I’m brining it to my new home here in Valencia. While there were good opportunities to find light in downtown Nashville, Valencia presents wonderful light nearly everywhere in the city.

In this workshop, we’ll work together to find these opportunities and make the most of them. The goal is to create portraits that look like they are “lit” with professional lighting on location, but without the lighting gear. The images below and the main image at the top of this page are examples of photos captured without any extra lighting or handheld reflectors.

Portrait photographers are often concerned about, or worse, will completely avoid shooting portraits in the middle of the day because of high, overhead sunlight. We’ll go over how to love shooting in these conditions and how to use buildings, structures, and even the streets to make overhead lighting nothing to fear and in fact, make it fun!

During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to photograph the model(s) that will be on hand for the session. This is a great opportunity to put into practice what is being discussed during the workshop. I also encourage participants to get in front of the camera, as it is a great way to understand how the subject feels during a shoot.

After Dark, Another Option

Break out your fast glass and set your ISO high for an after dark version of the Finding the Light Workshop. During the summer, it can end up being hotter than may be comfortable for you and /or your portrait subject. In this workshop, we go hunting for light at night using the ambient street illumination in the city.

We’ll go over best practices on using the high ISO setting on your camera and help you learn to “lean into” the noise and other artifacts that come from this type of shooting. In the end, I want to help you take the perceived “downsides” of shooting high iso and make them work for you, not against you.

The “After Dark” version of Finding the Light costs the same as the daytime one and as soon as this workshop comes available dates will be posted for it here as well. In the meantime, please contact me to be added to the notification list for this workshop.